Fresh Miner’s Lettuce

This plant gets its name from the gold miner’s who used it to treat their scurvy. Miner’s lettuce is mild and sweet with a subtle earthiness.  Delicious in soup or salad, turned into pasta, or in the middle of a sandwich.

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Fresh Miner’s Lettuce

Fresh Miner’s Lettuce is a delicious plant. It is petite and delicate in appearance and on the palate. Its composed of thin, succulent lemon lime stems that support kelly green colored basal leaves. The flavor is mild and sweet, with a subtle earthiness. At its height of maturity, fresh miner’s lettuce produces numerous edible flowers from its stems.

Other Names: Indian lettuce, spring beauty, winter purslane, claytonia

Season: March-May

Origin: Pacific NW, USA

Shelf Life: Miner’s lettuce will stay fresh for up to one week.

Nutritional Facts: Miner’s lettuce was often used by California gold miners to cure their scurvy, hence its name. This remedy worked thanks to its high levels of Vitamin C (about 33% RDA* per 100 grams). In addition, every 100 grams contains plenty of iron (10% RDA) and Vitamin A (22% RDA) that will work together to create more oxygen in your blood and build body tissue. Eat enough miner’s lettuce, and you’ll have more energy and healthier skin and hair in no time.

Tips: Fresh Miner’s lettuce is perfect for a petite salad or as an accouterment to appetizer plates and first courses. As this plant only appears in spring, best companion ingredients include those that are ready for harvest in spring including chanterelle and morel mushrooms, wild ramps, kumquats, new potatoes or garlic scapes. Miners lettuce is delicate, thus it should not be cooked nor paired with ingredients too heavy. It can be prepared in the same way as spinach and can even be put on sandwiches or turned into pasta.

To learn more about miner’s lettuce click here!

*Recommended daily amounts are based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet.

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Miners Lettuce

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