Welcome To Our Mushroom Farm

Whole Earth Harvest began in 1998 outside of a small, rural town in Oregon. When we first began, part of an old barn was turned into a growing room for shiitake mushrooms. Once we got on our feet and established a presence, it wasn’t long before  customers were asking about crimini, portabella and button mushrooms. We started working with another local mushroom farm to meet the demand, but we soon received requests for even more produce. Eventually, we reached out to foragers and other companies to supply us with delicious foods like wild berries, exotic fruits, crisp specialty greens, and powerful oils. Though it took some experimentation, we’ve even discovered the perfect blend of ingredients to create delicious, earthy teas.

pic of front hoop house from office pretty

Our mushroom farm began through the ideas and dreams of Bob and Veronica Nufer and Veronica’s aunt and uncle, Gary and Miriam Larue. Gary dreamed of having a large property for friends and family to gather at while Bob had always wanted to own his own business. After much planning, the vision of both Gary and Bob united, and construction began in 1997. Today, Bob is the primary operator of Whole Earth Harvest while Veronica, Gary, and Miriam remain involved business partners. We contribute much of our success to our hardworking employees and occasional help from other family members. Whole Earth Harvest is nestled in the foothills of the Willamette Valley in Yamhill, OR, and we plan to supply our customers with the best specialty produce for years to come.

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