Maitake Sencha Green Tea


Organic maitake mushrooms lend their earthiness and nutrients to the grassy, lightly sweet flavor of sencha green tea.

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Maitake Sencha Green Mushroom Tea

Maitake: Regarded in Asian herbology to aid in the immune system (such as AIDS), cancer, regulate blood pressure, glucose, insulin, and serum and liver lipids, and helpful for weight loss.

Sencha Tea: A traditional Chinese organic green tea. Deep steamed and carefully dried. Steeps a lively, grassy cup.

We have combined the best of both worlds in this tea. You are getting the health benefits of maitake mushrooms and the delicious taste of sencha green tea in one cup. The mushrooms add an earthy flavor to the somewhat sweet flavor of sencha tea. We believe that they pair very well together. Click here to learn more about sencha tea.


STEP 1: Gather your brewing supplies. You can use a french press that has been used only for tea, a porcelain pot, or any other loose leaf based brewing equipment.

STEP 2: Measure out our eyeball your tea. Four grams a person is the norm.

STEP 3: Use any drinking water that you prefer for your tea, and heat it up to about 185 degrees fahrenheit. Or heat water to a boil and let cool for about thirty seconds.

STEP 4: Infuse your tea for 2-3 minutes. Shorter or longer brewing times can taste delightful as well, but this seems to be the sweet spot.

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