Dried Porcini Powder


Dried porcini mushroom powder has many layers including earthy, garlicky, smoky, and nutty flavors.  Great for meat rubs, mixing into risootos or mashed potatoes, or even sauteing with other mushrooms.

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 Dried Porcini Powder

Dried porcini powder is an easy and economical way to add the flavor of porcini mushrooms to your favorite meals. This powder has many common and not so common layers including earthy, garlicky, smoky, and nutty flavors. The western North American species we make our powder out of is commonly known as the California king bolete. It is a large, darker-colored variant first formally identified in 2007 which gives our powder its rich, coffee brown color. To find out more information about this tasty mushroom click here.

Other Names: King bolete powder, penny bun powder, cepe powder, panza powder

Season: Year-round

Origin: Pacific NW, USA

Shelf Life: Our dried porcini mushroom powder will unleash its full flavor when used within a year.

Tips: Porcini powder is great for meat rubs, mixing into risottos or mashed potatoes, or even sauteing with other mushrooms. Stews, pastas, and porcini-encrusted crab puffs are just some of the other ideas for this versatile spice.

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